I've noticed your website features a lot of contemporary designs, can you help me achieve a different style?

Whilst we specialise in contemporary design, we can help you achieve any style for your home build or renovation including: Hamptons, coastal, contemporary, farmhouse, mid century, Scandi and more. If you'd like to chat more about your vision, you can book a complimentary 15 minute consult with one of our designers.

Can you project manage my build? I would like to be hands-off after the design process.

For sure. We do offer contract administration services which see our team involved right through until you move in. Contract administration isn't included in every building design project we work on as it's an entirely personal decision for our clients. If you'd like for us to sit in the drivers seat and handle everything from start to finish, we can assist by covering the management of your builder, permits and administration - just let us know.

I’m ready to get in touch with you about my project, is there anything you need to know first-off?

Everything we need to know to get the ball rolling can be found on our Contact Page, so feel free to submit an enquiry or book in a consultation call with us to get started. If you'd like to do some pre-work, it's great to have the basics planned out before our initial discussions. Start thinking about how many bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, lounge rooms, and ‘must-have’s’ will be part of your project. Then, make sure you do some dreaming and future planning - whilst it might be easy to think about your current requirements - be sure to think about the future needs for your home or investment like ‘what if more kids come along’ or, if you’re downsizing, ‘what kind of accessibility needs might you have in future’? Rest assured that we've got a plan in place to make sure we cover all of these questions with you too.

What if I don’t like the designs you provide?

We’ve developed a very detailed process through years of experience working with clients in co-designing their dream spaces. You can rest assured that you'll be very involved in the process to ensure the best-possible outcome for your aesthetic goals and budget. Every design is unique, and we're able to continue to build these unique spaces based on what we learn about you through our consultations, and any existing building or site limitations. With every project at Third Element there are opportunities for design revisions built in throughout our process. If we get part-way through and you decide that your vision has changed, we can discuss what it would look like to re quote and start the new concept design process.

Can you recommend builders and other trades for our project?

We certainly can! We have a networks of recommended suppliers who are able to help you depending on the scale and location of your project. We'd be more than happy to involve them in our end-to-end process with you, or pass on their details.

I already have a budget outlined for my project, can you work within that?

We understand that limitless budgets aren’t an option for most! It's our goal to respect the budget you provide us with, without compromising on the end product or quality of your finishes. We'll make sure to always provide our clients with options and our recommendations so that they can make an informed choice about pricing and decisions throughout the project.

I’m looking to sub-divide a block and build multiple properties, can you help me with this project?

Absolutely - This is our specialty. We can work with residential and commercial developers to come up with a solution that will work based on your plans, budget and council limitations for your subdivision. In addition, our team at Third Element can also liaise directly with Real Estate agents to determine what features and inclusions they'd recommend to ensure you'll achieve the highest possible sale price from your project.

How will a building designer add value to my project?

There are two key ways that our Mornington Peninsula building design team will add value to your product: First of all, we'll only hand over your project to your chosen builder when we know it's ready to be built. This means that you'll have approvals, structural requirements, and your own personal needs all met before we engage with the team who'll be executing your project. This ensures that there are no delays or back-and-forth which will save you time, headaches and money. Secondly, by engaging a team with experience in home development and restructuring, you're ensuring a different perspective which can bring opportunities for a more considered final product. Ultimately, a home that has been professionally designed will also create a more enjoyable living experience and opportunity for financial gains when it comes time to sell.

Do you offer Interior Design as well as Building Design?

Yes, Interior Design can be provided to you as part of our optional services. If you'd like to engage our team for design support, we'll work closely with you to assist you in making interior design choices such as internal colours, fixtures and fittings, materials and can even provide full room specifications. If you're interested in more detailed interior design support (such as for decisions around furniture and artwork selections), we can work directly with an interior design consultant.

What’s the difference between Third Elemend and a Draftsman or Architect?

In Australia there are three main professions who can help you with the design and development of your home. Think of us as the middle-man between a draftsperson and an Architect. By trade, a building designer carries more certifications than a Draftsman and that level of experience allows us to consider and provide our recommendations on the end-to-end process of your structural build and design.

Are you only offering Building Design for projects located on the Mornington Peninsula?

Whilst working with the local councils and builders on the Mornington Peninsula is our specialty, our work spans across Melbourne and beyond and we'd love to discuss your project, no matter the location.

Can you help design my renovation?

We sure can. At Third Element, our projects range from larger renovations through to full extensive home remodels & extensions, new residential builds, multi-residential properties & also commercial renovations. We'd love to chat with you about the renovation project you've got in mind. Feel free to book in a no-obligation 15 minute phone consult via our Contact Page to get the ball rolling.

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